New BBQ Rubs - Sauces & Accessories At Smoked BBQ Co

The brand new range of BBQ Rubs from Barbecue Mafia are an outstanding addition to the line up!!

Barbecue Mafia – Smoked Bbq Co 

The Four Saucemen Spiced Rum Rib Glaze is absolutely epic!

The Four Saucemen "The Spiced Rum Rib Glaze" 500ml – Smoked Bbq Co

Burnt Finger BBQs new Smokey KC Rub

Burnt Finger "Smokey KC" Rub 369g – Smoked Bbq Co

Jackalopes New Dill Pickle Dust - great combination of different flavours and versatile for anything!!

Jackalope 'Dill Pickle Dust' Rub Shaker 240g – Smoked Bbq Co

Hardcore Carnivores New Tex Mex - as usual another outstanding addition to the Hardcore lineup!

Hardcore Carnivore 'Tex Mex' 304g – Smoked Bbq Co

Manuka Smoking Chunks From NZ - Untreated!! An all round amazing smoking wood with great smoke depth and sweetness alike fantastic for seafood and just about anything - LIMITED STOCK

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Sucklebusters Honey BBQ Glaze - Sweet & Slightly Tangy for and all round perfect finish!

Sucklebusters 'Honey BBQ' Glaze & Finishing Sauce 437g – Smoked Bbq Co

Elk Creek BBQs Country Style BBQ Sauce - Sweet and full size flavour bomb! & Elk Creeks New Ultimate Taco Blend is out of control!

Elk Creek "Country Style Original BBQ Sauce" 355ml – Smoked Bbq Co

Elk Creek "Ultimate Taco Blend" 284g – Smoked Bbq Co

Low And Slow Basics New Garlic Goals All Purpose - For all of the garlic lovers out there with a nice hint of parmesan cheese this brings out the flavours in any cook!

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Australia's Pitmaster Adam Roberts New Book Barbecue Like A Boss - Fantastic educational and recipe content for BBQR's of any level!!

'Barbecue Like a Boss' - Adam Roberts – Smoked Bbq Co

Tramontina Low & Slow Knife Set - Steel, Brisket slicer, Boning knife, Carving knife & Steel! 

Tramontina Low & Slow Knife Set – Smoked Bbq Co