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The brand NEW GMG Trek Is Here!!!

The brand NEW GMG Trek Is Here!!!

The GMG Trek Has ARRIVED just in time for those Christmas holiday trips!!

This is the go-to grill for small families, campers, tailgaters, RVers, or anyone who wants to cook two racks of ribs or 4-6 nice steaks, wood fired pizza's in minutes or a bunch of burgers.

Control and monitor your grill from your couch or on-the-go with GMG Smart Control. Adjust your smoke and grill temp from 150°F to 550°F with 5° increment control. Adjust and monitor your food temp from your phone with the GMG App. Grill smarter, eat better!

GMG 'TREK' WiFi Pellet Grill 12V, Stainless Steel Hood – Smoked Bbq Co

Kick your taste buds into a new dimension!

*Always use the portable grill on a non-combustible surface. Always put a heatproof barrier between the grill and a truck bed or table or similar.*


The TREK model is the ultimate portable grill. It comes with a digital WiFi controller (control and monitor through our iOS or Android mobile application), a meat probe, a peaked lid for rib racks, and Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors grill temperature. The grill can run on 12V or 120AC so it’s perfect for home or camping, tailgating, hunting, house-boating, music festivals or anywhere you can take it! 



Pizza Oven Attachment for the ultimate wood fired pizzas in minutes!!

WiFi MODE: Connect to your grill through local home WiFi Network

SERVER MODE: Connect to your grill remotely through the GMG Server Mode to control and monitor your grill on the go

CONTROL & MONITOR: Increase or decrease internal grill temps and monitor food temps through your food probe

CUSTOM COOKING PROFILE: Create and manage fully programable cooking profiles

FOOD TIMER: Set food timer in the app and receive a notification when done to help manage your cook time

POWER CONTROL: Control the power to your grill

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