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PK Grills 'PKGO' Camp & Tailgate Grill - Smoked Bbq Co

PK Grills 'PKGO' Camp & Tailgate Grill

The PKGO Camp & Tailgate Grill is the perfect combination of convenience and durability. It is the lightest and most functional PK Grill ever created. The iconic cast aluminium body...
Heavenly Hell 'Smoking Of The Lambs' Brine & Injection - Smoked Bbq Co

Heavenly Hell 'Smoking Of The Lambs' Brine & Injection

The Lamb Injection & Brine Of Champions Multi Award Winning Blend 300g Shaker Family Owned • Australian Made • No Fillers
UltraGrime Life 'BBQ Clothwipes' - Smoked Bbq Co
30 Pack60 Pack

UltraGrime Life 'BBQ Clothwipes'

$15.95 – $25.95
Introducing UltraGrime Life's XXL+ BBQ Clothwipes - the must-have companion for your next BBQ. With a rough textured side, these wipes are gentle on skin yet tough on grease, making...
Smoked BBQ Co 'Brisket Boards' - Smoked Bbq Co

Smoked BBQ Co 'Brisket Boards'

Big BBQ Brisket Boards that come with juice groove, handle grips, and rubber feet that are adjustable.  *Sizes are approximate 60x40 – The boards are made from reclaimed or repurposed...
Heavenly Hell 'Fist Of Fury' 150ml - Smoked Bbq Co

Heavenly Hell 'Fist Of Fury' 150ml

Extreme Asian Hot sauce 6 out of 5 Heat Rating Multi award winning Heavenly Hell Hot Sauce Family Owned • Australian Made Preservative & Additive Free
Adam Roberts - 'Barbecue Fusion' - Smoked Bbq Co

Adam Roberts - 'Barbecue Fusion'

Barbecue Fusion by award-winning Pitmaster Adam Roberts lets you explore the world of wood-fired-barbecue from the comfort of your kitchen. Discover over 170 recipes showcasing expert tips and tricks suitable...
B&B Oak Charcoal Briquets 8kg - Smoked Bbq Co

B&B Oak Charcoal Briquets 8kg

B&B Natural Oak Charcoal Briquets 8kg.  Derived from Oak Lump, this all natural briquette is a favorite among world champion pit masters and backyard enthusiasts because of its long and...
Looftlighter - Smoked Bbq Co


The Looftlighter is the fastest lighter in the world. There’s no flame and no gas, just superheated air that both ignites your charcoal and also cuts the time it takes...
Cornhusker Duck Fat Spray - Smoked Bbq Co

Cornhusker Duck Fat Spray

Gourmet Duck Fat Cooking Oil Spray 198g Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray is a 198 gram can with 665 servings per spray can. Every spray contains .25 grams of...


FABRIC: 100% CottonFEATURES: High quality front print with pocket 
Hibachi Tabo 'Compact Charcoal Grill' - Smoked Bbq Co

Hibachi Tabo 'Compact Charcoal Grill'

The latest model of Hibachi Tabo Grill is the Compact - designed for small, intimate meals at home. With a compact footprint, and a versatile mesh grill top as standard,...