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Japanese Yakitori cooking with a Hibachi Tabo Grill

Enjoy Yakitori Style Food?

Then you will love the Hibachi Tabo, the ultimate cooking experience with charcoal.

Influenced by the classic ceramic brick style Hibachi from Japan, the Hibachi Tabo Australian engineered and manufactured Hibachi grill is high quality, practical and can be handed down to future generations.

We're the Exclusive Dealer of Hibachi Tabo on the Gold Coast.

As Gold Coast's exclusive Hibachi dealer, simply Chat with us for expert advice on the perfect Hibachi for you. Are you ready to be grilling obsessed?! 

The Hibachi Tabo Grill cooking perfect skewers

 Hibachi grills have evolved from traditional Japanese heating devices into tabletop grills.

They can be made of different materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, and diatomaceous earth. Cast iron hibachi grills are favoured for their exceptional heat retention, which allows for consistent cooking temperatures.

Stainless steel hibachi grills offer durability, resistance to rust, and easy maintenance. Diatomaceous earth hibachi grills, often referred to as "hibachi konro," are made from a porous sedimentary rock material known as diatomaceous earth. 

Perfect bbq skewers cooked on the Hibachi Tabo

What you should look for when choosing your perfect Hibachi Grill


1. Material

One of the most important things to look for in an outdoor hibachi grill is the material it's made with. Some grills will be built using cast aluminium which corrodes over time, especially if not cared for properly.

Stainless Steel hibachi grills, on the other hand, offer durability and long-lasting use. The choice of materials for each type of grill is influenced by factors such as heat retention, durability, portability, and cooking performance.



The size of a hibachi grill should be considered because some areas around your home might have limited space. You'll want to ensure that the hibachi grill you purchase will fit into your outdoor environment. It should also be lightweight enough to either pick up and move or roll to the correct spot.



The capacity of a hibachi grill will determine how much food it can cook at once. This is particularly important when you're cooking for many people, such as during a party. Double hibachi grills can cook twice as much food as single ones, so you might want to remember this.



Hibachi grills should have vents on the side and back to help remove excess heat and smoke. If the vents aren't functioning correctly, they can cause the hibachi grill to become too hot and flame out. As you cook, your hibachi grill might cause flames to appear because of the high heat. However, you won't have to worry about this because the vents will always be able to remove the smoke.



Though it is not 100% necessary, the expert Japanese yakitori chefs strongly recommend using on binchotan, a dense white Japanese charcoal. This type of charcoal stays alight for 3-5 hours and can be reused several times.

At Smoked BBQ Co we stock a variety of all natural charcoals that will also suit Hibachi Grills and we tailor this to the owner's cooking preferences.

Perfect steak cooked on a Hibachi Tabo


Hibachi Tabo Instore and Online

Smoked BBQ Co offers best in class Hibachi Grills that will last a lifetime, fit any setting, with accessories and cooking utensils to suit each individual.

Get the convenience of Hibachi grilling at home with our selection and find the perfect grill for your needs.

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