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Borrowdale Baby Back Ribs

Borrowdale Baby Back Pork Ribs

  1. 2 x racks of Borrowdale babyback pork ribs
  2. Boars Night Out double garlic butter
  3. Sins Que Grunt cherry pork rub
  4. Heavenly Hell Holy Grail hog glaze
  5. Butter - your desired amount
  6. Honey - your desired amount
  7. Brown sugar - your desired amount
Pork Rib Prep:
  1. If desired remove excess fat off the top of the ribs. Flip the ribs over and remove the membrane covering the bones by coming underneath it from about the 3rd rib in and then peel it off in one long strip. 

2. Season the ribs with a base layer of Boars Night Out Double Garlic Butter, this will give a great savoury base layer with a nice punch of garlic.

Double Garlic Butter

    3. Next layer on top of this with Sins Que Grunt Cherry Rub, this has deep bold flavours with a touch of spice and slight hints of cinnamon and star anise.

Sins Que Grunt Cherry Rub

       4. Place the ribs onto the smoker at 225f or 107c - and on the opposite side to the firebox if on an offset smoker.

       5. Smoke for around 2 hours or most importantly to colour (a nice mahogany for us is preferred). Spritzing after each hour to cool the surface of the meat helping to draw more smoke to it and producing an even better bark. We used Bulldozer BBQ's Sweet Spritz

       6. Once the desired colour is reached then wrap the ribs in Oren paper or foil with brown sugar, butter and honey or maple syrup we used Blend Smoked Honey. We wrap to colour not temperature - this is around 170f/75c.

    7. Cook times will vary depending on the type of rib and thickness. These were wrapped for 2 hours and to cooked to our preferred tenderness before glazing around 195f/90c.


       8. Next unwrap the ribs and warm your sauce or glaze before saucing the ribs - we used Heavenly Hell's Holy Grail Hog Glaze. This is built on smoked honey, tamarind, chipotle and provides a great sweetness with a touch of heat.

       9. Sauce the ribs and place back onto the smoker for 15 mins and then re-sauce the ribs and allow another 15 mins to set the glaze or sauce, bringing our temperature up to 203f/95c when they were finished. For us the perfect bite mark texture is what we enjoy, you can cook longer on the wrap for a softer texture if desired.


      10. Rest for around 10-15min if you can wait that long and Enjoy!!


I am an advocate for cooking to colour, texture and doneness by feel using temperature solely as a guide and a gauge to check for this perfect doneness. To refine your cooks and learning get use to finding the perfect doneness by feel not temperature. 

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