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Perfectly Smoked Lamb Shoulder

Make Deliciously Tender and Smokey Pulled Lamb With This Crowd Pleaser Smoked Lamb Shoulder Recipe


For this cook, we use the new
Green Mountain Grills Peak Prime 2.0!

Smoked pulled lamb recipe cooked on the GMG Peak Prime 2.0

The GMG Peak 2.0 does it with ease producing bigger and bolder flavours than ever before with its complete redesigned cooking chamber holding smoke longer helping produce even bigger flavours. Holding temperatures, perfect smoke, and Wi-Fi make this all to easy to produce cracking BBQ!

Cook Time - Average 8 hours




Step 1.

Preheat smoker to 225-250f/107-121C


    Step 2.

    Lightly score the lamb


      Step 3.

      Liberally apply your favourite lamb rubs - we have used a few drops of canola oil and rubbed the lamb over and then layered this with The Four Saucemen The White Rub and Bearded Butchers Hollywood, you can also use mustard for a binder.
        Step 3 applying the rub to the lamb

        Step 4.

        Smoke for 3-4 hours and until desired colour & bark is set  Wrap or Boat TO COLOR not to the stall - We are smoking this lamb shoulder on the Green Mountain Grills Ledge using a 50/50 blend of GMG Fruitwood pellets and Camp Chef Charwood Charcoal Cherry pellets.
        Step 4 of the recipe, Smoking for 3-4 hours and until desired

        Step 5.


        Place the lamb in a foil tray with stock & butter, cover the tray with foil  or wrap with butter. We have boated this shoulder in chicken stock and butter. (red wine, herbs, beef stock and butter are all great options to boat with)

        Step 5 of the recipe, Place the lamb in a foil tray with stock & butter

        Step 6.

        Return to smoker and cook for 3-4 hours checking for doneness from 200f/90c – can be ready anywhere from 200f/90c – 215f/105c - GET TO KNOW YOUR MEAT BY FEEL and don’t cook to temperatures! its ready when it probes like soft butter with zero resistance and not before.


        Step 7.

        Remove from smoker and unwrap slightly to burp (remove steam) for 10-15 minuets or until the internal temperature drops to 80c/175f before re wrapping and resting otherwise you will overcook your meat whilst its resting. Wrap in foil or peach paper, fold in a towel and place in an esky with the lid on to rest for minimum 1 hour – the longer the better.


          Step 8.

          While the lamb is resting, bring the cooking stock to the boil and reduce to a gentle simmer in a saucepot until the desired consistency and falvour. NOTE: When reducing stocks the salt will intensify so keep tasting whilst its reducing until desired taste and consistency is reached. This jus will make a fantastic addition to sauce you lamb with. We have also added some Heavenly Hell Lamb Almighty Lamb Glaze to the reduced jus for even more flavour.


            Step 9.

            Remove the lamb from resting and remove the bones, place into a tray and shred with either 2 forks or meat shredders until you have nice fine strands of juicy lamb. Add sauce as required for your desired consistency and flavour.

            Step 9 of the recipe, shredding the lamb

              Try this deliciously tender pulled lamb shoulder in Quesada's and on pizza! Amazing!

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