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Green Mountain Grills Vs. Traeger - What Sets them Apart

Which Pellet Grill Should You Buy - Green Mountain Grills or Traeger?


Find out what set these pellet grills apart and why we recommend one over the other (we compare the Traeger Timberline 850 with the GMG Peak Prime 2.0 to pick a winner).


Comparing grills from various companies can be challenging. Price point and features often do not align, making fair comparisons difficult. To find out which company makes the best grill for your needs, it’s better to start by understanding which features are most important to you.



Key differences between GMG and Traeger


In saying that, here are key distinctions between the two brands to assist in your grill selection:

  • Green Mountain Grills (GMG) are much more effectively priced compared to their equivalent Traeger model.
  • Traeger offer a higher number of models to choose from.
  • GMG grills usually have less grill space due to their single rack design while Traeger includes a 'warming rack' to increase the count, but it doesn't always mean more total cooking area.
  • The portable Trek from GMG includes WiFi, unlike the Traeger Tailgater.
  • Although the discrepancy is small, GMGs surpass Traeger in maximum temperature, reaching 550°F compared to Traeger's 450 – 500°F.
  • GMGs are Pizza Oven & Rotisserie enabled offering a lot more than just a pellet grill.
  • Both companies provide a 3-year warranty.


Selecting the right grill is crucial for enhancing your BBQ experience. We suggest choosing from a reputable brand. Currently, Green Mountain Grills and Traeger stand out as the top grill manufacturers in the industry.

GMG has emerged as a leading grill manufacturer in the past 15 years. Comparing this brand with others can be difficult due to its popularity and value. Many have noted the similarities between GMG and Traeger Grills.

We'll assess all of their key features to determine which choice is superior for you.


Which Pellet Grill Should You Buy: Green Mountain Grills or Traeger Grills?

GMG versus Trager Grills

Green Mountain Grills & Traeger offer top-tier grills with advanced technology, sleek designs, and various models. To determine the best grill for you, start by understanding the brands, their offerings and unique points of difference.


Green Mountain Grills: Brand Overview

GMG Brand Overview

Green Mountain Grills was founded in 2008 with one mission: to create the most efficient wood pellet grills on the market. They succeeded. Today, GMGs grills are at the top of the list for the best modern wood pellet models.

The company also successfully made its grills more cost-effective than competitors. Green Mountain Grills is a leader in integrating Wi-Fi technology with BBQs for a user-friendly and customizable experience. The company’s products are also known for their incredible heat capacity and durability.


Traeger Pellet Grills: Brand Overview

Traeger brand overview

Traeger is the pioneer of the wood pellet grill. Without Traeger, you wouldn't have access to various models that utilize this eco-friendly innovation. The company was founded in 1985 by Joe Traeger and had a monopoly on wood pellet grills for over 20 years until its patent expired in 2006. Because of the long run the company has had and the private investment it received, Traeger is one of the most successful wood pellet grill manufacturers.


GMG Peak 2.0 vs. Traeger Timberline 850 Grills: The Comparison

When comparing two grill manufacturers, it's essential to consider specific aspects. Factors like the quality, durability, price, and specialised features can assist in choosing the suitable brand.



The Peak Prime 2.0, the top-tier GMG grill, is priced lower than Traeger's Timberline 850. GMG’s grill is $3000, while Trager's has a price of  $3699. Therefore, GMG is a more affordable brand in this quality tier.



Depending on which features you consider more important, one of these two brands should be your go-to choice. With that being said, we’ve put together a list comparing the most important features of both brands so that you can get an idea of what to look for.

GMG grills have a single rack design, which can translate to less surface area for your BBQs until the release of the new RACKT technology racking system which easily enables the grill to be equipped with elevated racks, smoke shelves, griddles, rib racks and warming racks increasing the cooking area and cooking options. However, Traeger includes extra warming racks for meat and other foods as a standard inclusion however this does not translate to that much more cooking area.

Green Mountain Grills are Wi-Fi controlled with all models and dual meat probes except the portable Trek 2.0 which runs a single meat probe. Traeger has Wi-Fi  for a select amount of its grill and most models will only run a single meat probe.

GMG has better heat efficiency and can reach temperatures up to 550°F, while Trager can only reach temperatures between 450°F and 500°F. GMG also allows low temperature cooking right down to 150F. It might not seem like a big difference, but it will influence the dishes you’ll be able to cook. Both companies offer great 3 year warranties for their products and great customer service.




Traeger v GMG model comparison chart

About The Traeger Grill Range

Traeger Grill range

Traeger’s Timberline Series is its most opulent and costly choice. This grill offers a spacious cooking area, enabling you to cook several meat portions and other foods simultaneously. It also offers extensive customization options and is available in various sizes.

An affordable option in Traeger's line-up, the Ironwood Series offers smart features such as app connectivity, various sizes, and versatile functionality. The Pro Series features all-terrain wheels, a hopper cleanout, and an accurate temperature sensor, making it Traeger's budget-friendly option. However, this model is still more expensive than most GMG grills.

Traeger’s Portable Series offers a convenient grill option for transport. Available in two sizes to suit varied cooking needs. Known for durability and efficiency in camping and home settings. Pioneering Wi-Fi control standard in pellet grills.


About The Green Mountain Grills Range

GMG Grill range

The GMG Ledge Prime 2.0 excels with advanced digital controls and seamless smartphone integration. Featuring a 436 square inch grilling area, it's ideal for a variety of BBQ recipes. This model weighs 94kg and reaches temperatures up to 550°F.

The GMG Peak Prime 2.0 is GMG’s top grill, known for its luxurious features. These machine allows manual operation or control via GMG’s iO and Android app, enabling cooking convenience from anywhere. It includes a customized cooking profile for enhanced efficiency and speed, along with a heat capacity of up to 550°F.

One noteworthy feature of GMGs grills is its sense-mate technology. This highly accurate thermal sensor is essential for precise temperature control for any of your BBQ cooks. For those seeking the ultimate smart grill, Peak Prime 2.0 is the ideal choice.

The Ledge Prime 2.0 is a cost-effective choice by GMG, particularly for those seeking a grill with the same level of power and intelligence as the Peak Prime 2.0.This model features a variety of functions, like a smart app and dual meat probes, as well as a viewing window for monitoring dishes without opening the grill, maintaining smoke and heat inside.

The Trek Prime 2.0 is GMG’s portable grill, equipped with key features like smartphone connectivity, a temperature sensor, meat probe, and a peaked lid. Operating on 12V or 120AC, it's versatile for home and outdoor use. Green Mountain Grills provides a variety of optional accessories from pizza oven attachments and rotisseries through to racking systems and Infrared side burners.


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