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How to Perfectly Smoke Beef Shin

Smoked Beef Shin (Thor's Hammer) Recipe

Cook Time - Average 8-9 hours

Smoked Beef shin or Thor's Hammer is an absolute treat that you need to put on your list of must do's if you haven't already. We make pulled beef shin tacos with bone marrow from this epic cut! 

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  • Preheat smoker to 225f/107c - /250f/121c 


Step 1.

  • Trim the silver skin from the outside of the shin.
Smoked beef shin

Step 2.

Seasoned beef shin

Step 3.

  • Smoke for 4-5 hours or until desired colour & most importantly the bark is set - Always wrap or boat to colour and setting the bark not to temperature!


Smoked beef shin

Step 4.

  • Boat the beef hammer in a tray standing if possible – add bone broth or beef stock (red wine/Worcestershire/herbs optional) and cover the tray with foil. Boating is a higher moisture content cook than wrapping and high working muscles love this method. Use enough liquid to fill between a quarter to half the depth of your tray and wrap tightly with foil.


Step 5.

  • Return to the smoker for around 3-4 hours checking for doneness from 200f/93c – can be ready anywhere from 200f/93c – 210f/100c.


Smoked beef shin

Step 6.

  • Once it probes with no resistance & like soft butter- Remove from smoker and unwrap to burp (remove steam) for 10- 20 minutes or until the internal temperature reduces to 80c/175f, then wrap in foil or peach paper, fold in a towel and place in an esky lid on to rest for minimum 1 hour – the longer the better. 


Step 7.

  • Reduce the cooking stock on a gentle simmer until desired consistency and flavour is reached, this can be used by itself to sauce your meat once it is shredded, or you can add this reduced cooking stock to your favourite BBQ sauce to add another dimension of flavour.

 To Finish

  • Once the meat has rested remove the bone but do not discard it! Shred the beef and then pour all the marrow out of the bone over the shredded beef and mix together well. Now you can add the cooking liquid or sauce of your choice to your desired taste!
Pulled beef shin

Try With Tacos

One of our favourite meals to make from this dish is Smoked pulled beef shin tacos!

Smoked and pulled beef shin
Smoked and pulled beef tacos

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