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Napoleon Vs Weber - Who Is The Grill King?

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When purchasing a high-end grill, the various options, models, and features can be overwhelming. Whether you prefer Napoleon or Weber, both brands offer substantial value in the realm of grills. We explore two brands, analyse their strengths, and assess various grills across different categories. Gain valuable insight to make an informed choice and find the grill that suits your needs.


Weber BBQs Background

Weber BBQs

If you're a daring grill master, you may already possess some understanding of Weber's historical significance. It has boldly led the industry for decades. However, you may be unaware that Weber's roots trace back to a metal works establishment founded in 1893.

Weber emerged as a pioneering figure in the barbecue industry by creating the kettle grill in 1952. The grill, fashioned from a divided metal buoy, has since become an icon of grilling and boasts a substantial user base.

Weber began producing a diverse selection of grills and smokers. The brand also offers a wide range of grilling accessories. Over time, they have incorporated the latest technologies and features into their grills, ensuring a seamless experience.

When it comes to purchasing a premium branded grill, many people will find the options, models, and features available on the market a tad confusing. Therefore, no matter which way you lean in the Napoleon vs Weber debate, there is not denying that both brands bring a lot of value to the table when it comes to grills. Here, we take a look at the two brands, discuss their relative strengths, and review several grills from both brands across different categories. With the insight provided here, you can make an informed choice and bring home the grill you really need.


Napoleon Grills Background

Napoleon BBQs

Napoleon entered the market later, but shares a similar origin. It was also established as a metal works company by two German immigrants in Canada. Since the 1980s, it has been a leading brand in grills and heating appliances, continuously improving its excellent products.

Napoleon is a renowned name in the grill market, offering high-end products that feature innovation, exceptional quality, and solid construction. With their long warranties and exceptional customer service, they have successfully competed with industry giant Weber.

Napoleon offers a wide range of high quality Hybrid Gas & Charcoal barbecues which is a stand out feature amongst these grill giants. All Rogues series and built in Napoleons offer an optional charcoal tray so that you can enjoy the benefits of cooking with charcoal and still have the best of both worlds.


Key Points Of Difference 

Both brands offer excellent value and a range of models at different price points.

However, they also have unique features that distinguish them from each other, especially Napoleon offering Hybrid barbecues that are both gas and charcoal with a wide range of freestanding and built in barbecue options that offer Infrared burners which create a sear zone and sizzle station for all your searing needs along with rear Infrared burners for rotisserie cooking.


Cooking Area & Heat

Napoleon models offer expanded cooking space, ideal for hosting large parties or accommodating a big family.

Although both brands have burners with similar heat output, Napoleon grills typically offer additional burners. This allows for greater versatility and increased heating capacity during cooking. Napoleon grills provide more heat per unit area, resulting in more efficient and faster cooking.

The Jetfire ignition system employed by Napoleon is acknowledged to be superior in terms of effectiveness, reliability, and durability compared to Weber's Infinity ignition system.



A major design difference between Weber's and Napoleons is the gas tank placement. Weber's typically have the tank outside, while Napoleons hide it inside all their models. This creates a cleaner and neater appearance.

Weber side tables aren't retractable, while Napoleon usually has a foldable side table. Windy locations can affect grill lids. Napoleon's 2-piece lids retain more heat and resist wind better than most Weber lids.

Weber gas grills have individually controlled burners that need to be ignited one by one. If one of the burners gets blown out, it will not reignite itself. Napoleon gas grills have connected burners, which automatically reignite if one blows out, allowing for less supervision when cooking.


Price Points

Napoleon typically offers lower priced products compared to Weber for comparable models. If you spend the same amount with both brands, Napoleon is likely to provide a more feature-rich model.



While both brands provide excellent warranty durations and support, Napoleon grills stands out with its unrivalled 15-year Bumper to Bumper Warranty, surpassing Weber's  10 Year warranty by 5 years. This comprehensive warranty covers every aspect of the grill, including all components and parts.

Weber vs Napoleon Grill Comparison

And the Grill King Winner is...

Both brands have their advantages. However, Napoleon models provide greater power and versatility at more affordable prices, all while boasting a sleek design and a 15-year warranty.



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