Our Kansas City BBQ Journey - New BBQ Classes & More - Smoked Bbq Co

Our Kansas City BBQ Journey - New BBQ Classes & More

Kansas City BBQ Joints Rock!

We have just spent a few weeks in Cassie's home town of Kansas City visiting all our favourite regular BBQ joints and a few new ones. Kansas City alone has over 20 BBQ restaurants and we have listed a few of our favourites for you!

We showcase some of our Kansas City BBQ road trip highlights below although there are far too many to list. One of the most amazing things whilst visiting so many BBQ restaurants is even though they are all in Kansas they still have their own unique flavour profiles and distinct differences in what they do best!


Want to Up Your BBQ Game, Kansas Style?

If you want to learn to cook like the good folk of Kansas or even just learn more about upping your BBQ game then come join one of our Smoked BBQ Co Pitmaster Classes! Coming very soon to the Gold Coast. Click the image below to subscribe.

Subscribe to stay informed BBQ Master-class With Chef: Trent coming soon!

We are in the works of another venue where we will be taking our already popular classes and delivering these on another level altogether! If you and your mates are interested in finding out more or attending our very first class at this venue then make sure you register above to secure a spot.


Highlights of Our Kansas City Trip


Slaps BBQ, Rosedale BBQ and Joes Kansas City are at the top of our list, with Gates, Q39 and Jack Stacks also delivering epic BBQ experiences.


Highlight 1 - Slaps BBQ

Slaps BBQ was a massive highlight, we arrived to a line of people possibly 80 people or more deep and some unbelievable BBQ smells in the air from 100 meters down the road. Even though the lines get long at these restaurants the wait times are minimal and the quality and consistency of the meals is exceptional.

Outside view of people lining up at Slaps BBQ joint Kansas City
BBQ spread at Kansas City Slaps

Highlight 2 - Joes BBQ

One of our all time favourites we ensure to visit every time we make it back to KC! Joes although modern on the outside has an amazing old school vibe on the inside. Again with lines 60+ deep nearly every visit and no table bookings taken this place delivers quality BBQ every time with an atmosphere you wont want to leave.

Joes BBQ in Kansas City
BBQ spread at Joes Kansas City
Menu board at Joes Kansas City

Highlight 3 - Joes Kansas City: The Original Joes

This is the original Joes KC that was started in an old gas station and still remains in the same spot with an operational gas station to this day. This has such an old school vibe and the food is equally as epic at both of the Joes BBQ restaurants.

Trent and Cassie outside Joes Kansas City

Highlight 4 - Rosedale BBQ

Rosedale BBQ has been standing since 1934 and one of the oldest BBQ restaurants in America, with one of the most authentic experiences and atmospheres. The food is unbelievable and the beer is super cold, the chopped brisket at Rosedales is an absolute must if you ever visit. 

Rosedale BBQ neon sign
BBQ spread at Rosedales Kansas City
Counter at Rosedale Kansas City

More Exciting News

Smoked also has some exciting things in the works to bring even more American BBQ to the Gold Coast and Australia wide so make sure you  Stay Tuned!
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