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Napoleon BBQ Grills - Everything you need to know

Our curated range of Napoleon built-in BBQs and Napoleon Grills & Accessories is designed with the intention of offering you a rich experience of grilling in your backyard.

Napoleon are consistently innovating by pushing forward a distinct level of performance and quality.

If you're keen to enhance your BBQ experience with Napoleon, Aussie Chef and Smoked BBQ Co co-owner, Trent has compiled the following frequently asked questions.


Napoleon Grills & BBQs Frequently Asked Questions

Napoleon Outdoor Gas BBQ available at Smoked BBQ Co.


1.Why do Napoleon Grills have curved grates?

The distinctive curve in the Napoleon Grills is for preventing smaller food from falling through. This not only keeps your grill cleaner but also enhances its longevity as it allows for heat expansion and contraction.


2.Can I place a built-in BBQ next to my house?

Yes, you can. However, make sure that you place your grill at least 10 feet away from any structure. Napoleon manufactured Grills have a generally conservative recommendation of at least 3 feet away from a house.


3.Do I put the meat directly on the rack in the gas smoker?

It is your choice. You can place the meat directly on the racks or use the racks to hold cast iron skillets. These skillets will help you roast your food properly.


4.How often should I replace my grill brush?

We suggest you replace your grill brush at least every season. However, if you are a frequent griller, once every two months is a more viable choice. You must check for damage signs in all your Napoleon grill accessories such as loose bristles before each use. You must discard and replace your accessories immediately if you find any fault.


5. What are the Key Features of Napoleon BBQs?

- Highbred Gas & Charcoal Grill

Napoleon Grills are purpose built highbred BBQs that can run not only gas but the unrivalled flavour of charcoal all in the one unit giving the best of both worlds.

-Infrared Burners

Napoleon Grills offer infrared burners on most models which will reach up to 1800F for a purpose-built searing station on your BBQ. Get that perfect sear on and protein with this outstanding technology. 

- High-Quality Stainless Steel Burners

Our premium quality stainless steel burners are designed to blaze with efficiency and even heating. They tend to provide the perfect balance of fuel and oxygen.

- Robust Ergonomic Control Knobs

If you seek to create an awesome grilling experience, there is nothing better than our griller. It comes with a smooth yet firm grip and robust shape. Make your outdoor BBQ parties one of a kind.

- Sturdy Cast Aluminum Fire Box

The fact that the fire box resists rusts on a superior level and comes with a 15-year warranty is what makes it one of the most liked grilling units.


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