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Smoked Beef Cheeks Recipe

Smoked Beef Cheeks

Cook Time - Average 8-9 hours

Smoked Beef Cheeks are a rich and amazing protein that can be used in a variety of ways from pulled beef tacos, pizzas even rolled in pasta or spring rolls! 

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  • Preheat smoker to 250f/121c


Step 1.

  • Remove any remaining silver skin.


Step 2.


Beef cheeks


Step 3.

  • Smoke for 3-4 hours or until desired colour & most importantly until your bark is set - Always wrap or boat to setting your bark not temperature!


Beef cheeks smoking

Step 4.

  • Boat the beef cheeks in a tray – add bone broth or beef stock (red wine/Worcestershire/herbs optional) add enough liquid to come up to a quarter to half of the height of the beef cheeks and cover the tray with foil tightly.



Beef cheeks being boated in stock

Step 5.

  • Return to the smoker for around 4 hours checking for tenderness after around 3.5 hours


Step 6.

  • Once they probe like jelly/soft butter with zero resistance they are ready (cook to feel not temperature) Temperature should be used as a guide and a gauge - Start checking for doneness from 92c/200f until they probe like soft butter instead of cooking to a set temperature! - Remove from the smoker, unwrap and burp (remove steam) for 10 - 20 mins or until the internal temperature come down to 80c/175f before resting, wrap in foil or peach paper, fold in a towel and place in an esky with the lid on to rest for minimum 1 hour – the longer the better.


Beef cheeks

Step 7.

  • Reduce stock until desired consistency and taste.


Step 8.

  • Serve whole or shred the Beef Cheek meat and add the reduced stock to the meat, or you can add this reduced stock to your favourite BBQ sauce to add another dimension of flavour. Sauce the cheeks and Enjoy!
Beef cheeks pulled
Beef cheeks tacos
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