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Reverse Seared Lamb Rack Recipe

Reverse Seared Lamb Rack

Cook Time - Average 1.5 hours

Reverse seared Lamb Racks are an outstanding protein to smoke and sear! We highly recommend trying this out if you haven't already and what better day then Australia Day to give it a crack! 

And if you need any low & slow advice or guidance, or simply help finding a product just for you, chat with us today, online or instore. We're passionate about all things BBQ. We encourage you to give this recipe a whirl and let us know how you get on.





Step 1.

  • Preheat smoker to 225f/107c


Step 2.

  • Trim fat if desired but only by 2-3mm if its thick, we always leave a good 3-4mm of fat coverage.


Step 3.


Lamb rack


Step 4.

  • Smoke over indirect heat until the internal temp before your desired eating temperature. We have smoked this rack over Raspberry Jam chunks which is a true marriage with Lamb and a must try!
Smoking a lamb rack
If you would like to serve the lamb:
  • Medium rare - Remove at 45c/113 & rest   (Finished MR= 55c/131f) 
  • Medium remove at 50c/122f & rest  (Finished Medium 60c/140f)
Smoked lamb rack

Step 5.

  • Remove and rest uncovered for 5-10 minutes.


Smoked lamb rack

Step 6.

  • Heat smoker/cast iron pan to searing range around 450-550f/ 230-290c
  • Sear over direct heat for 2-3 mins flipping regularly and then rest the lamb for another 5 mins.


Searing a lamb rack
Seared lamb rack
Seared lamb rackSlice & Enjoy!
Smoked & seared lamb rackSmoked lamb rack
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