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PK Grills - Exclusive Gold Coast Dealer

Smoked BBQ Co will soon be your exclusive Gold Coast PK Grill dealer!


The Pk Grill range is a world class grill and smoker with a large range to suit the avid griller and smoker along with the ultimate portable charcoal grill, the PKGO for all your camping trips and getaways.

PK Grills Aaron Franklin

Enjoy this world class grill and smoker


They are that good Aaron Franklin has released his own signature model - Check it out!


There is no need to choose between these two important functions or purchase separate equipment. Whether you intend to grill at high temperatures for short periods, like burgers and hot dogs, or at low temperatures over longer periods, like pork shoulder and beef brisket, the cast aluminium PK will make you a backyard hero because it nails the landing on both.

The nickel-plated steel hinged grid makes refueling for long smokes easy without having to remove the cooking surface or move the food. Get the best of both worlds with a new PK.

PK Grills 360 Go portable charcoal grill


PK Grills Key Features


Aluminium Construction

The reason why PK Grills are great for cooking and have long-lasting durability is due to their construction. Unlike other grills made from thin, stamped steel, PK Grills are crafted entirely from thick, cast aluminium.

For those unfamiliar with manufacturing, stamping is a straightforward process. A thin sheet of steel is inserted into a machine and pressed to form the desired shape. Casting, on the other hand, utilizes a completely different method.

Aluminium is melted down at extreme temperatures into a liquid. It’s then poured into a mould and cooled, so it takes the shape of the mould.

Aluminium conducts heat more efficiently than other common grill materials which provides for a smooth distribution of heat around the PK capsule resulting in very even cooking without the need to constantly turn or reposition the food on the grill.


Superior Air Venting

Beyond the aluminum construction, the venting system on the PK Grill is better than other grills on the market. The PK Grill has a rectangular shape with two vents on the top and two vents on the bottom.

In addition to being a very effective way to direct the flow of flavorful smoke over your food, the PK 4-way venting system (two adjustable vents in the top lid and two dampers under the fire) provides easy and accurate temperature control for every style of cooking without flare-ups from dripping fat.

PK grill airflow diagram

This makes it very intuitive to cook either with high heat, or an indirect heat setup (2-zone). That’s something that isn’t as easily, or efficiently accomplished with other charcoal grills on the market.

PK Grill 360GO

Durability and Versatility

Because aluminium is inherently rustproof, this could be the last grill you ever buy. The PK is the smart choice for lake houses, camps, coastal applications and wet climates.

The hinges won't rust and bust because they are moulded into the grill with a unique design that allows the top to lock on for cooking or lift off easily for cleaning.

This near-legendary durability is why many 1950’s era PK’s are still turning out great BBQ today!


Aaron franklin PK grill

The aluminium used to cast this distinctive charcoal grill and smoker is hand-poured into individual moulds. From there PK grind and balance the edges and shape the vents to ensure a tight seal on every one which means more consistent cooking for you and more flavour in your BBQ.

PK Grills take as much pride in your unique hand-poured PK Grill and Smoker as you do.

PK Grills Aaron Franklin Coal


Take the PK charcoal grill and smoker anywhere and don't sacrifice the quality of your food. We know that you want to bring your grill along with you on barbecue adventures which is why we made the PK super tough and portable.

It cooks like an egg-style cooker (a.k.a. Kamado), but one person can lift and load it without a crane. The oven detaches from the carriage without tools for easy cleaning. Camping and tailgating are the PK's best friends. 

Fantastic BBQ on the go, anytime.

PK grills

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